Investing for Retirement

At Aja Financial I believe in a simple principle: Everyone should have the opportunity to win with money!

There is never a one-size fits all solution to achieving your financial goals. I will work with you to find the most appropriate vehicle for your investments for example:

If you are an employer your retirement investing options for you and your team may include:

  • Roth 401k Plan
  • 401k Plan

If you are Self-Employed, or a 1099 Contract Employee your retirement investing options may include:

  • Individual Roth 401k
  • Individual 401k

If you and/or your spouse earns an income, whether you have a work-based retirement account or not your options may include:

  • Roth or Traditional IRA(s)
  • Individual Account(s)
  • Joint Account(s)

Aja Financial’s investment management is driven by a single creed: invest for the long-term, minimizing risk using time-tested, data-driven principles. My experiences navigating market cycles and economic changes have taught me a consistent and disciplined approach to managing money is the key to long-term success. And, every investment considered for my clients should meet the 4 spokes in a wheel: Philosophy, Process, Performance, and People.


Philosophy is understanding how the investment exists and more importantly what's the method by which it makes money. There are nearly 25,000 mutual funds and another nearly 2,400 ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) one can sort through on I screen and focus only on those funds that meet my client’s investment goals, risk profiles, and have long-term track records of performance.


Process involves day to day management. I follow a detailed portfolio construction methodology, screening processes, with buy and sell discipline. Clients’ portfolios will always be diversified both within and across asset classes. I’ll re-balance portfolios as necessary so one holding is never too much weight within the portfolio.


Performance should be in context with the client’s objectives and risk tolerance. Both risk and reward are consequential to every client and can mean the difference in meeting goals and expectations, or falling short. Performance should be measured net of costs and clients should see results against relevant benchmarks.


I look for people who run a company, fund, or other investment vehicle that can truly differentiate themselves from mediocrity. The people, including myself, must be strong to face challenges, have an insatiable curiosity for discovery, and adapt to ever changing times. Above all else integrity and honesty cannot be compromised and should be reflected in the daily actions of those who hold it.

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