Aja Financial

An Independent Financial Advisory Firm

Welcome to
Aja Financial LLC

Aja Financial is an independent, fee-only, financial advisory firm based in Alabama. As a member of the SmartVestor network I believe everyone should have the opportunity to win with money. Therefore, I partner with clients from all stages of the investment journey beginning with those just getting started to those that have saved for decades and are transitioning to live the retirement they have dreamed of off the fruits of their life’s work. Aja Financial partners with clients through extensive planning and investing as they seek to achieve their financial goals.

The Difference

In an industry built to maximize its own profits, I know the client should always come first. And while lots of financial firms talk that talk, I actually walk the walk.

Wealth Management

As a comprehensive wealth manager, I want you to be secure and confident about your entire financial life. Every client has their own unique financial dreams, with some long-term and some short-term. I help my clients create a financial roadmap with the objective of turning those financial dreams into attainable financial goals.

Wealth management built for you.