The Approach

I believe Wall Street is focused on products and scale, thereby underserving the needs of investors. At Aja Financial, I differentiate from the rest by providing customized solutions along with high touch personal relationships. That is why I will NEVER use Turnkey Asset Management Programs (TAMPs) and outsource the investment selection for my clients’ accounts to a firm, so-called Robo-Advisor, or computer-model. Anytime I am recommending an investment I have personally vetted it against my selection criteria. After all my clients aren't just investors they’re people; friends, partners, and acquaintances I look forward to running into as I am out and about in Opelika, Auburn, surrounding areas, and on my travels for the Navy Reserves.

Aligned Interest

My success depends upon my client's success. I examine issues from the same side of the table as you. That common purpose builds a strong relationship of trust and partnership.

Objective Solutions

My recommended investment solutions are limitless and unencumbered relative to large brokers and banks. I look to identify markets and investments across the globe that meet required criteria of capital structure, investment purpose, and value for my client’s portfolios.

Complimentary Review